2017 Membership Fees
(1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018)
Due Now


Where are they now?

Does anyone have knowledge of the whereabouts of the following

AFP2431 THOMAS, Norma - formerly of Rosebud, information to the RPA Secretary

16660 SMITH, Jeff - is seeking the whereabout of the following members for a re-union

16646 APPLETON, Roger
16652 BREAR, Patrick
16656 NYE, Terry
16657 TAYLOR, Shane
16661 REID, Dennis
16663 GREEN, John

16546 SAVAGE, Russell - is looking for members of Squad 7/70. if anyone has knowledge of the whereabouts of the following please contact the RPA Secretary. They will be 165 numbers.

JONES, Kevin
KROEZEN, Dennis (pardon the spelling)

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