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Squad Reunion - 6/1065 - 15 October 2020

Greetings to all members of Squad 6 of 1995
On the 15th of October 2020, it will be 55 years since Squad 6 graduated from the Police Depot in St Kilda Road.
On that auspicious occasion, who amongst us thought that we would be priviledged to be here to celebrate anything, let alone the passing of 55 years
Where has life dispersed those 21 enthusiastic squad members? How many of us are left to share our experiences of life? Indeed would we want to?
Surprisingly there are a few intrepid members of the original 21 who are left, so it is opportune and indeed necessary that the remnants gather to celebrate the occasion.
It is proposed to hold a reunion

Where and when?

These are the questions posed in this preliminary notice. I would like ideas from you all. Please consider that we are spread far and wide, married and single, with families and all with bodies that reflect the abuses of the life we have inflicted on them.
Should the dreaded virus allow us, I suggest we aim to gather some time close to the 15th of October 2020 at a time and place to be decided.
Please send me your thoughts on how we can celebrate the proposed reunion. I have appended a list of squad members for your information. Please give this your urgent attendion and consiceration and contact me if you have information as to the whereabouts of our missing members so we cam al make the 55th reunion a memorable occasion

Squad 6/1965

15021 Harmsworth, Peter - pbharmsworth@gmail.com
15022 Matier, Pat
15023 O'Neill (Dwyer) Catherine - k8.dwyer@bigpond.com
15024 Stanyer, Laurie - pals.2@bigpond.com
15025 Martin, Jock
15026 Shaw, Brian - bvshaw@tpg.com.au
15027 O'Shea, Daniel
15028 Hood, Julian - jthood47@gmail.com
15029 Jackson, Peter
15030 Brocker, Hans
15031 Colwell, Alan - alancolwell@gmail.com
15032 Lodi, Enn - Died 19 April 2001
15033 Finch, Brian
15034 Kelly, Cornelius (Con) - conkelly@bigpond.net.au
15035 Atkins, Chris
15036 Steel, Peter - Died 17 October 2014
15037 Spencer, Graeme - spanahs@optusnet.com.au
15038 Morgan, Daryl
15039 Gottliebsen, Carl
15040 Sneddon, Barry
15041 Hawkins, Ronald

Julian Hood
0458 421 666

Posted: 24 May 2020
Squad Reunion - 2/1972 - 2 June 2022

I am trying to locate the following members:
17252 Lenthall, Anne Christine
17253 Wilson, Roniad Barnard
17257 Lewis nee Zueholsdorff, Lynette Barbara
17260 O'Neill, Peter John
17261 Colley, Peter John
17263 Smith, Christine Jennifer
17266 Botham, John Arthur
17268 McKie, Dianne Margaret
17270 Thomas, Stephen Dennis
17273 Carmody, Trevor John
17274 McKeeman, Daniel.
It is proposed to hold a Squad Re-union in June 2022 and I have no idea where these members are.
If anyone has any knowledge of the whereabout of these members please ask them to contact
Barry Dickson
Senior Sergeant 17267 (Retired)
0418 539 281

Posted: 19 May 2019
"Soupy Smith" Memorial Lunch 2020

The annual "Soupy Smith" Memorial Lunch for Prahran Police ex-members, partners and friends will be held @
Dick Whittington Tavern
32 Chapel Street
St Kilda
17 May 2020

Posted: 29 May 2019
Squad Reunion - 11/1971 - 19 November 2019

Squad 11 of 1971 are having another annual reunion in Echuca Moama in 19 November 2019 at the rich River Golf Club. The usual squad members have be notified
Dave Carroll is organising this years reunion so it promises to be a good one
Any old squad member/s who have lost touch or who are reading this is urged to contact Martin Clive-Griffin (16978) on 0409 473 959 or mcg013101@gmail.com
We would love to see you in Echuca Moama

Posted: 1 May 2019


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