Annual Christmas Lunch
2019 Membership Fees
(1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019)
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President's Message

President’s Message

I hope everyone had a wonderful Festive Season and the Committee and I look forward to the coming New Year.

I wish to give a hearty thanks to other committee members who have assisted in attending the day time events in my place, which includes Vicki Key, Richelle McKenzie, Phil Parson and his wife Karin (who did a marvelous job setting up the Christmas Function), Ozzie Muir (who seems to be moving quite well after his operation and it was good to see him and his lovely wife, Rosemary, at the Christmas Functon), also Ken Heaslip and his wife Myra (who bth do a fantastic job for their District) along with Ron Veldman, Barbara Brand and others too numerous to mention.

Also it was well noticed at the Christmas function, Bill Jefferies and our new committee member Barbara Brand going round the various tables and promoting the RPA with Barbara taking "Happy" snaps with her new electronic device, they are both an assett to our Committee. I do believe that a good time was had by all who attended the new venue on the day.

It is sad to see that our stalwart Lew O'Reilly VA was not too well and was unable to make the Christmas function. I do hope he is on the mend and I hope to catch up with him soon.

It is also time to thank all the members who organise the District functions throughout the year and are assisting members who are in need of assistance . Thier tireless work cannot go un-noticed; it is a credit to them for the endless hours ofmorganisingnthat they to for their Districts.

A big thank you also to The Police Association especially John Laird, and BankVic for supporting Vicki Key and Mick Cummins in their tireless efforts in the organisation and running of the Retired Peer Support Officers program that assists our retired members in times of need. It is hoped that they will be able to raise some funds to support Vicki in her invited trip to Canada in 2018 with regards to her Peer Support initiatives and hope that attending the seminar she will be able to come bck with some nes and formative guidance to continue her very supportave role in the RPSO Program

I sincerely hope that everyone has a wonderful upcoming year for 2019

PJ Milne
Leading Senior Constable 23991 (Retired)
Retired Police Association of Victoria
0417 551 869


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